Chase Winder

Government Relations and Enterprise Sales, Qualtrics

International travel and commerce is an important part of Chase Winder’s life and inspiration for what he does every day. In college, he moved to the Netherlands to study International Business Administration and play in a local Dutch basketball league. An avid fan of travel and other cultures, he has been to every continent minus Antarctica (with plans to go soon) and has visited and spent time in 39 countries and counting.

He graduated from the University of Utah with his B.S. in Political Science and received his MBA from Westminster College. After college, he worked in Washington D.C and Virginia in policy for former U.S. Congressman Jim Matheson and Retired Air Force Brigadier General John Douglass in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District.

Following DC, Winder co-founded a national education nonprofit called the Digital Learning Alliance (DLA). The vision of DLA is to help students of every age by providing education research and program templates to solve dozens of educational issues by leveraging proven digital learning technologies.

After DLA he worked for Graduation Alliance as a Sales Executive to help at-risk and dropout student’s graduate with a diploma by providing technology access, online coursework, and human support in partnership with districts and states across the country.

Currently, he works for Qualtrics which has many global office locations with plans to expand internationally further. He does government relations and enterprise sales for the organization, focusing on how to help the public sector collect and analyze more data to increase efficiencies.