Leah Barker

Chief Executive Officer of CHOICE

Ms. Barker has served in the non-profit sector for over 15 years, fulfilling her
passion to improve her community and other communities worldwide. She
is currently the Chief Executive Officer of CHOICE Humanitarian, a grassroots
organization with 34 years of experience in rural village development in 8

Ms. Barker’s expertise in administration and fundraising has improved
CHOICE Humanitarian’s efforts and programs designed to eradicate extreme
poverty. She works closely with her Board of Directors and staff in developing
the CHOICE Leadership Model of Development that focuses on self-reliance
and sustainability. Ms. Barker grew up in Puerto Rico which has contributed to
her deep passion to serve low-income families and an understanding of
programs that offer lasting solutions.

In addition to her work with CHOICE, Ms. Barker taught an Ethnic Minority
Diversity course at the University of Utah.

Prior to joining CHOICE Humanitarian, Ms. Barker managed Children First
Utah, a non-profit organization focused on meeting the educational needs of
low-income children statewide.
Ms. Barker holds a B.S. in Human Development and an Executive Masters of
Public Administration from the University of Utah.