Sean S.H. Wang

Executive Director, Taiwan – USA Industrial Cooperation Promotion Office

Sean Wang is the President of ITRI International Inc. (San Jose, California), a subsidiary of ITRI, since June 2005. He is also the General Director of ITRI’s International Center (Hsinchu, Taiwan) since Feb. 2016.

ITRI International Inc. is ITRI’s presence in North America. It engages in incubation of startups, in Silicon Valley and from Taiwan, technology transfer, IP business, high-level training, and recruiting as well as and facilitates R&D collaboration and contract research. The incubation practice has involved, in various degrees, with more than 100 startups in Silicon Valley and from Taiwan to accelerate technology and/or product development by partnering up with ITRI’s labs, to get product validation from major early customers, to explore broader market applications in Asia and beyond, and to be considered for venture funding. Since 2011, Sean and the team have also been connecting the medical devices value chain in Silicon Valley with Taiwan’s large companies and startups as well as physicians and researchers in that sector by providing an annual training and networking program.

At ITRI’s International Center, Sean and the team have built collaboration platforms to facilitate collaborations between various R&D teams, at ITRI and other R&D organizations as well as Taiwanese companies, with international partners. The main geographical coverage of the practice includes U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, Israel, Turkey, and Australia.

Before joining ITRI, Sean was associated with M.W. Kellogg (now KBR) and Morgantown Energy Technology Center (now a part of the National Energy Technology Laboratory) of U.S. Department of Energy. He was trained in Chemical Engineering with Ph.D. and M.S. degrees from West Virginia University and B.S. degree from National Taiwan University.