Sung-Joo Lee (Sung)

Manager RTKC Growth Programs, Copper & Diamonds, Rio Tinto

Sung-Joo Lee (Sung) was born in South Korea, moved to Australia at age 10, and since 2012 has been working in the United States on an international assignment. Since graduating from the University of Western Australia with a masters degree in civil engineering, Sung has acquired nearly twenty years’ experience specializing in the engineering, infrastructure and the mining industry, with 9 years working at global mining company Rio Tinto that has operations in 35 countries across six continents.

At Rio Tinto, Sung has worked across a number of divisions including Iron Ore, Copper and Diamonds. Sung has an extensive experience in leading large expansion and strategic projects including mine (surface and underground), rail, port, processing and infrastructure categories involved in establishing project plans, business cases, technical design, operational and strategic direction whilst collaborating with stakeholders and effectively managing cross-functional teams, comprising of multi-disciplinary professionals, to deliver value driven outcomes. Her projects have ranged from US$100 million to US$3.5 billion.

Sung has recently completed an Executive Program from Stanford whereby she was selected as one of the 172 participants across 44 countries. She was also recently appointed as the Manager of Rio Tinto Kennecott Copper’s Growth Program accountable for delivering the Kennecott’s growth portfolio of projects.

In her spare time, Sung enjoys playing the cello, which she has been learning since the age of 6. She has also taken up skiing and joins the locals at Snowbird.