Lance C. Bullen

CEO, Colmena

Lance Bullen is a Founding and Managing Partner of Colmena Group, a real estate development and investment company based in Salt Lake City. At Colmena, Lance is CEO and President.

The Principals of Colmena Group have invested in over $3.5 Billion of commercial real estate assets. Our mission is to pursue projects in the intermountain west in multiple real estate asset classes including multifamily apartments, assisted living, commercial office, student housing, research parks, hotel, industrial warehouses, and mixed-use properties. Colmena has a current active portfolio value of $1.6 Billion (exceeding 5 million square feet and 11,000 apartment units).

Lance was instrumental in the creation of SLC Port Global Logistics Center, a 3,000-acre master planned industrial zone located within the inland port authority. The project has an estimated entitlement value of 40 million developable square feet and is estimated to have at full capacity 30,000 FTE jobs.

Lance is a principal partner of Woodbury Strategic Partners a real estate fund located in Salt Lake. WSP acquired 29 assets from 2009 -20014.

Lance received an MS in Real Estate Development from Columbia University, an MBA from the Gore School of Business at Westminster University and a BA in Spanish from the University of Utah.

Lance is also one of the co-founders of FNC Aquaponics, which was created in 2013 as an initiative to design an aquaponics system applicable for impoverished areas in developing countries. FNC Aquaponics is passionate about sustainable food production ideas with applications in developing countries and at home. To pursue these goals, they have designed and refined an elegant system which is simple in design yet effective in production for use in the most remote villages. Recent humanitarian trips through CHOICE Humanitarian include Irapuato, Mexico; Tixmadeje, Mexico; and Agua Blanca, Mexico.

He is married to Emily Cook and has four children. His hobbies include camping, hunting, biking, and scuba diving.

November 8th, 2018 • The Grand America Hotel

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